Dimensions-Chapter 17 “My King come Forth”


Father, I couldn’t wait to sit down here and write out what You will have me to write.  Let my fingers write what You wish to say to the saints. Let me write in Your dimension.

The unseen world is the real world. What you see now is just a glass darkly for what is to come. I have made the physical world as a testing ground for the new world that I will reveal shortly. I live in multiple dimensions. The dimension you see is only 2 sided; but the dimension I live in is far greater than you could imagine. Most of where I live is clothed in what you consider darkness; however, your darkness and what you see is limited by sight. My darkness is where I have My abode. I do My greatest works though mankind through what he cannot see. If you only knew what I was doing in the foreground, you would fall at your knees. It is only by My grace I don’t show mankind the spirit world. Man would faint and despair because the spirit world never sleeps. I am constantly working on your behalf outside of time, going to and fro, knitting together My glorious purpose for all eternity. What you see as time is a training exercise for My purposes. My purposes and callings are a higher calling. I will do My work in the invisible arena. All I ask men to do is believe and live by faith that the glorious work I am doing is for their good. I will reveal Myself to whoever I wish to reveal. Most are not ready for My revealing of the Spirit and spirit realm. If I revealed everything before its time, man would faint because his limited mind cannot fathom so much going on in the spirit world, and he would faint from despair. I hide the spirit realm to teach My children faith, and strength to trust in what I am doing. For all shall be revealed soon when I am done with My perfect will in this earth. For now My bride still sleeps. It is time for her to awaken, go on the offensive, and push back the forces of darkness using the tools I have made available to the saints. Everything the saints need is included in My manual, the Bible. Pray to unlock the secrets of the universe in the Book. Use this Bible I have given as a guidepost and as an offensive weapon to snare the enemy into his own trap. I have all the tools needed for successful warfare against the enemy. My book is a complete book. Do not be swayed by man’s arguments that more needs to be added. All things will be revealed in the fullness of time. For now, everything that I offer in the Word can be used for warfare and I will reveal all deep and hidden things to My chosen remnant who truly seek what I have to say.

My dimensions are limitless. It will take an eternity to get to know Me and who I am. You can spend an eternity just looking at all the things I have done for you while you were sleeping and living your life on cruise control. Never take lightly what I have done for you and are continuing to do. Little by little will I reveal more of Myself as long as you ask, seek, and knock. I will never turn away anyone who is earnestly seeking Me and who is ready for Me to reveal My glory. You will not be able to look or behold My face, but I will show My goodness to you. I will reveal Myself, not all at once, for I long to be sought after at all times. I wish for the sacrifice of praise and obedience, and I reward those who diligently seek Me with more of Myself and more of My glory. I will uncover the hidden things in only My timing and by My grace. Only the few strong remnant will be revealed the hidden things for now. The bride needs to grow strong, and be purified. As a corporate body, once the My Son’s bride has gone through this cleansing period, I will then start revealing Myself on corporate levels the deep secrets of Myself. Pray for the church to be unified in all denominations who seek after and call My Son Lord. It is not time anymore for divisions and sanctions. I long for My bride to fit together perfectly and this will only come in unity, with a corporate repentance and seeking after Me. I will do this, but man’s will needs to be submitted to Me and prejudices put aside. I will cause the unity of My body and the faith of My people to knit together in corporate worship and prayer. Keep doing what you are doing-pray for the churches to come together as one and to seek Me as one body and I will reveal the next steps towards her perfection.


Occupation-for all realms

I am writing a book on Occupation. This has been in progress since early 2012.

God put into my spirit in 2012 that the coming war in the heavenlies will not be won by an army of untested saints. We are to occupy all areas of our lives, from our mouths, to our hearts, souls, physical bodies, families, cities, the nation and the world.

I will be putting excerpts of this book as well as excerpts of my book published in 2012 called “My King Come Forth.”

I encourage feedback on my book. 🙂

Love and Blessings-Kristen

The flesh

The flesh

Good morning, Father. Last night sleep was difficult for me and I had
fitful dreams. I know My flesh is warring against you and I feel this because My
flesh is stating its rebellion to get up to pray to you. I hereby subdue My
flesh in Jesus’ name. I command the flesh to submit to My spirit. I call the
rottenness of the flesh and its stink to bow down before almighty God in
reverence and not in rebellion. Though My flesh faint, will I yet praise thee
with My spirit. I do war with My flesh inside of me although we do not war with
flesh and blood.

Your flesh will be the one thing within yourself that will be hard to
subdue. The flesh wants what it wants and is a vacuum which can never be
filled. The flesh would want to consume upon itself and totally rebel from what
the Father is doing. Isn’t it interesting that our flesh was made out of the
very parts of the earth that praise him, and yet we war with the very same
earth? The earth does not like the flesh and is always trying to wipe out all
traces of mankind. The flesh works in similar ways. If left alone to its own
devices, will wipe out all traces of knowing God and will do what it pleases
unto death. If unchecked, the flesh will consume upon itself and will cause
itself suffering. You My daughter have seen this in your own body. The flesh
wars against Me and will do whatever it takes to not have a relationship with Me
because it wars against Me.

The flesh needs to be redeemed. It will be subdued by whatever on the
inside is stronger. If your spirit man is strong, the flesh will follow its
commands. But remember that one slip up and the flesh will go back to doing
what it knows best-to sin and do what it pleases. I keep on stating that the
flesh consumes upon itself. It does, it will be at war with Me as long as the
earth is in its present state. Jesus in his glory clothed himself with
incorruptible flesh when he rose from the dead. This flesh was in perfect
harmony with Jesus and with the world. This flesh was completely redeemed. The
world loved his flesh once he rose from the dead. It obeyed with joy when he
arose, and it also had complete respect for him when he was here and the
elements bowed down to him.

This is where I want the church. I want the church so strong in spirit
that the flesh is crucified. That the spirit-man is so strong, all the earth
sees is the spirit. Once My bride is perfected in spirit, she will be able to
tame the elements completely. The winds right now obey My voice. O children, do
not stop praying for My hand upon the tornadoes and floodwaters, for I will
still move with My mighty hand. But I want to get you to a point where you have
that dominion and YOU will be speaking directly to the elements and they hear
you. This is what Adam was being taught in the garden. Subdue it. Take dominion
over everything on the earth. He had the authority to call the weather. His
flesh was incorruptible and full of glory, although it was not going to live
forever unless he partook of the tree of life. I made Adam so perfect he lived
for many hundreds of years. It has only been through the ages and centuries of
sin and rebellion that mankind has shortened his life. Also by My mercies. I
cannot stand to have flesh live for much more than one century, as it stinks to
me. Man left alone with his wiles will destroy himself and the earth. Mankind
is waiting to be redeemed. The earth is awaiting the redemption of mankind so
she and mankind can live together in harmony. Remember also that I will not
give dominion over the elements to a person who does not have crucified flesh.
The flesh will, if not crucified, seek glory on its own for what I have done
through it. I will not be giving My power to uncircumcised flesh. Remember
this. This is why not very many miracles are seen here in the states. The flesh
is not crucified. Much of America lives by the flesh and its glory, but I will
not have My glory on unredeemed flesh to show forth My powers. If My people,
who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, I will forgive them their
sins and will heal their land. Flesh cannot glory in My presence, and I will
not allow mankind to have Godlike powers with an unrepentant heart and uncircumcised
flesh. This would be all destructive. It is by My mercies that this is not
done. As the days of Nebuchadnezzar and the days of the tower of Babel, I will
crush the schemes of the flesh and will have My way on the earth. No man can
make himself greater than Myself. Only one who is fully transparent to me will
be able to have the power and will be able to grasp this with true authority. I
will not give My power to one who will use it to consume himself unless he
truly begs for the power. Then he will be left to heap judgment upon himself
for getting the one thing he is not ready for and it will consume him quickly
as he is not able to wield the power I have in My hands to give.

As an heir of Christ, the flesh must be subdued and
crucified. Washing with the water of the word daily. Reading and devouring the
word of God as true spiritual food.

Our bodies were created as a subordinate to our spirit life.
In the garden, Adam gave this authority over from his spirit to his flesh
through his rebellious actions. Consequently, his flesh died.

As heirs we are to continually offer up our bodies as living
sacrifices, which is our good work in Christ. If left unchecked, our flesh
would kill us with its lusts and pleasures. All diseases we have to deal with
today are flesh based. In one way or another every addiction is based upon some
lust of the flesh which overpowers us in some form or fashion.

A truly crucified lifestyle is one in which we must work at
daily. We cannot go for one moment to let our flesh get in control of ourselves
because if unchecked, it will always lead us down the path of destruction.

So how do we crucify the flesh? Paul says that he dies daily
to his flesh. Dying daily can be very difficult in itself if the dying is done
purely by fleshly strength. Our spiritual man is not only fighting with our
flesh to subdue it, but our soul, which in its natural unredeemed state, sides
without flesh.

To wash ourselves daily in the water of the word, we must
open our mouths and speak the word from out of our bellies.  Read, memorize, listen to God, meditate, and
lifting our voice in praise are just a few ways we can start washing ourselves
with the water of the word.

The incredible wealth transfer

Tell me your anxious thoughts. Tell me what you want. Let everything that you are be open and exposed to me as I am looking not for one who wants to hide, but for someone who wants to be open to the massive pouring out of my spirit I have reserved for these evil days. My glory will be shown on the earth with the few remnants who understand this mystery. Pray earnestly you will be in this category of the ones I am
showing my grace and favor to in the earth in these last days. An incredible
transfer of wealth is bottled up like a dam and is ready to burst at any second
for my saints to capture and use for my glory. Stand firm and vigilant,
earnestly seek what I have set up for you and when the outpouring comes
to you, be like a vessel with many holes which will flow out the blessings to
others. I will then enlarge your vessel and it will run over! You will be
blessed with every blessing in high places and those around you will also be
blessed with the wealth that I am about to uncover and spill forth. Get ready,
o bride for an outpouring that you have never thought possible! The outpouring
will be glorious and not just wealth from the nations, but wealth from my
kingdom will flow in you and through you. Those who have become a drink
offering to me, flowing out my blessings, will I bless with an ever greater measure
than those who are just faithful to my word. Earnestly seek the one who wishes
to pour out for I will do so in such an amazing way you will not be able to do
anything but give thanks to me for the incredible gifts and mercies coming your

Understanding the Blood of the Lamb

This was written May 19, 2011 during the 4th watch of the night.

Be still and know that I am God. I will be the supplier of all of your
needs. You do not have to worry about anything in your life for I have your
life in the palm of my hands. You are at the feet of the kinsman redeemer. I
will therefore show you and guide you throughout your day. I will be your
source. I will use you as a willing vessel to touch others and to bring
healing. Do not fret or be alarmed by what is told you, as this is the voice of
the enemy trying to take you off guard. Just be still and not answer. Remember
you cannot argue with fools, especially foolish demonic forces who are working
through people. Continue in my love and continue to pray. Breakthrough is
coming soon, even though for a while you are going through some trials by fire.

My blood is a very sacred thing and is not to be taken lightly. My
blood covers everything so completely it does its perfect work. I have not shed
my blood in vain for petty words to come out for requests to cover
disobedience. This blood is meant to cover sins so that the father cannot see
these sins and so you can stand in front of God almighty as a full and complete
person, being washed by my sacrificial blood. God only sees you through
filtered me. Don’t take my blood lightly. I did not shed this blood for ones to
grasp it then do what they want to do. This makes my blood of no effect and
they are heaping condemnation upon themselves. Instead come to me with a
repentant heart and you will be truly washed by what I did for you on the
cross. In my blood the work is so complete you will not lack any good thing.
Your forgiveness is complete. Your cleansing is complete. God’s favor rests upon
the one with a humble heart who pleads the blood over his or her life in true
humility of spirit. I do not honor those who come to me with hearts full of
darkness hoping that my blood will justify their sins and justify their
behavior. My blood will not be of any affect except to those with a contrite
heart who trust in me completely to be washed and that I will do so and make
them whiter than snow. Do not be deceived; I will not be mocked through my
blood and its power. This is why judgment comes so swiftly upon those who take
my blood unworthily. The power is so great, they will not be able to stand it.
Pleading my blood in ignorance will have a lesser effect than one who
understands the true magnificence of what I did for them on the cross. My love
is so great towards everyone and yet most do not understand the deep nature of
this process and what I went through in order to redeem everyone towards God.

My bride will soon understand this. One must have a truly repentant
heart and come to me with their consciousness sprinkled with my blood in order
for it to be effective. Be wary of those who profess my blood but have fruits
of wickedness, for my blood has no effect in their lives. They are just
speaking words out of ignorance. If they knew the truth, then swift judgment
would come upon them, but it is only by my mercies that I do not reveal this to
them, to save them from swift judgment. Now that you know, do not take my blood
lightly or in vain. Use the blood as a tool of cleansing and redemptive power.
This is there for you for this very purpose. I will honor your prayers to cover
your family with my blood. I will honor your prayers for sprinkling of blood
because you understand.

Thank you father for revealing your son to me
and revealing to me what you have in my life. Thank you for showing me deep
things. I pray that the blood that was shed for me is applied over my life
liberally. May I never use the blood of Jesus as a tool for my own selfish gain
or manipulation but in humbleness use this precious blood as a tool of
protection and cleansing of judgment.

His time is not our time

Father, speak to me through your written word. I am your vessel, used
for your glory.

Do not worry about the arrow which flieth by night. I am with you
to the ends of the earth. My will shall be established to the ends of the earth
and I will do whatsoever I please in the world. Just yield to me as a willing
vessel and watch what I do. I have loved you with an everlasting love and your
times are in my hands. I will reveal the secret things to you not because of
anything except that you have asked them revealed. Get ready for an outpouring
that you have never seen before. I will show you things you never imagined in
the earth; things which you never thought of. My riches are locked up in a hidden
place, ready to be revealed and they will be. You will stand amazed at why I
have hidden things for so long. Do not despair when I reveal these things to
you for I have specific plans and purposes for each of these. Only ask for
wisdom in dealing with the knowledge you are given. I will give freely of this
wisdom if you request this in my name. I am happy to give this gift to my
children, especially you because you are earnestly seeking after my secret

My clock is different than your clock. Nighttime to me is not darkness
but a renewing of the new day. I start the day in the evening for a purpose, to
renew yourself. You sleep during the dawning of the new day so I can have this
time of refreshing for you because the days are so evil. You must start off the
day well rested. The demonic forces back away at this time and I use this time
to make all things new so you can face the day with me by your side. There is a
good secret behind why I do not start the day in the middle of the nighttime;
my hours are set as completeness. Starting the day at midnight to me is
starting the day right in the middle of your sleep. I start the day in the cool
of the evening so I can walk with you and give you a refreshing. Take these
times of refreshing and run with them. I love you so much and I will honor your

Little extracts of the 4th prayer watch of the night

My first few postings on this site were from specific dates and things which were happening in my life.

I started this blog because I was told to! I have in my heart many books and I know my calling God has given me is to be a teacher. A teacher of His word and what He is doing in this earth and for the saints to be fully equipped to march into victory. Although the book I am writing about is geared towards women of all ages becoming a Queen from an orphan state, the spiritual teachings are true for all.

I started waking up at 3:30a.m. at the request of a small group of accountability partners, for the specific purpose of praying for one another for just one week. During this time I woke up with my alarm clock (now I don’t even need it!), and the times of prayer were so amazing, I felt compelled to start writing my prayers and what God was saying during this time. I also started reading about the “4th watch” of the night and how many times in the gospels I have read about our Lord praying during this time of the night.

In studying, I have found out that the 4th watch of the night, from 3:00a.m. to 6:00a.m. is an excellent time to pray. Demonic forces have backed away. This is a time to pray about future events, one’s future and purpose, and government and leadership. I found during this time the focus in my prayers was much greater than during the daytime or even the morning time.

I started writing down my prayers specifically for my family and others who asked for prayer. The more I started to write, the more I felt God was giving me insight to the secret things He wanted to reveal not only to me but to those with ears to hear. No one knows how much God wants to reveal Himself to his children and to reveal the absolute wealth of his riches, which includes His wisdom and knowledge.

I asked to be a drink offering-to pour out whatever HE gives me to write. This blog will include the writings which will be published in my upcoming book- “Warrior Brides-from orphan to Queen.” Remember, this book is not just for women, but for ones who earnestly seek the pathway to becoming and heir to all that God has for them. This includes me.

Love you all. Please comment. This is raw writing. I will have editors who will help me along the way and a life team (all women invited) meeting every second Saturday of the month to go through the book and learn about real applications on becoming a Queen. ♥ I am open to any suggestions and anyone who would like to go on this journey with me.